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Free courses from Harvard University online


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 Harvard University is known for its excellence in teaching, education, research and preparing leaders in many disciplines that make a global difference, and Harvard faculty members participate in teaching and research to push the limits of human knowledge to the fullest extent, and there are twelve schools that award degrees, in addition to an institute ( Radcliffe) for advanced studies.

Harvard University was founded in 1636, and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States of America.

And if you want to obtain an accredited certificate from Harvard University, you can now enroll in free courses available by the university, as the university offers nearly 160 free courses in various sciences.

Regardless of where you are now or your nationality, you can join the free course you want via the Internet, and at the end of the course you will receive an official certificate from the university.

Harvard University degree:

Official certificate: You will receive a certificate signed by your professor who taught you, bearing the university logo, to confirm your achievement and increase your employment opportunities.

The testimonial can be shared easily: you can add the certificate to your resume or post it directly to the LinkedIn professional platform.

Harvard University requires individuals who register for its edX courses to adhere to the terms of the edX honor code, and HarvardX will take appropriate corrective action in response to honor code violations (edX), which may include dismissal from the course and revocation of any certificates received.

By registering as an online student for Harvard Open Online Courses, you are also engaging in research aimed at enhancing the educational offerings at HarvardX, as well as the quality of learning and related sciences around the world.

HarvardX does not use learner data for any purpose beyond the university's stated educational and research tasks. For research purposes, information gathered from online learning activities, including personally identifiable information, may be shared with researchers outside of Harvard University, but your personally identifiable information will only be shared in accordance with As permitted by law, you will be limited to what is necessary to conduct the research, and will be subject to a data protection agreement.

How do you access the free courses?

It is very simple, just visit the official university website from here, where all available courses, the number of enrollments, and the start date of the course will be displayed.