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A tool where we write a text or an article and a person with a human appearance reads it in the form of a video ...


 Imagine a tool in which we write text and a completely human-looking person reads the content in a video.

This is what synthesia.io offers, videos created with artificial intelligence systems, where the person reading our text is not a cartoon but someone who moves his lips in sync with the text.
We just have to write the paragraph, in any of the 38 supported languages, and put our email so that, after reviewing the text, we receive the video in the appropriate format.
We can choose any AI provider or create one for us. Then we either write or paste the video script and wait about 30 minutes to get everything ready.

They explain that the videos you'll create are free for internal and not-for-profit use online. They comment that if we want to use the service for videos for paid marketing campaigns or for broadcasting (YouTube, for example), we will have to contact customer service to obtain the rights, so if you've ever thought about creating a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos of this type I'm afraid that's not It's the solution.

You can try the site and see examples created at: synthesia.io