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A tik tok-like app but for short articles that take a minute to read


Source image: www.pondr.co.nz

The idea behind the Tik Tok video application is very good and focuses on quick change to avoid boredom, so it met with great acceptance among users in a short time until we saw major companies imitating the idea of ​​the application and the idea inspired several developers to develop a new Tik Tok, but not for videos but for short articles, and we will get to know it. In that post.

 The Pondr application for Android and iPhone phones, which is a tik tok for short articles and dedicated to lovers of reading and writing articles, as it displays articles on the way of Tik Tok as the article is short in length not exceeding the length of the phone screen and its reading does not exceed one minute. Download the application from the link below the post and after running the application and creating a new account, you will then be able to read the vignettes and scroll between them down and up just like Tik Tok

By touching the screen, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom, where you can go to your account page to view your articles and articles that you liked. By touching the add button, you will be able to write a short article


Through the application, you can read and like short articles and share them with friends. You can also write your own short articles, but the application is still in the development stage so there is not yet a follow-up and comments system