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You can now follow users on Google Maps ... it is now a social network

When you want to know a new city, you are definitely looking for recommendations between travelers, and ordinary people like you. Google knows that, which is why Google Maps has now turned into a social network similar to Twitter and Facebook in its latest update.

With an increasingly interconnected world, it's time to search for recommendations about a place through reading-only experts. Now suggestions in networks are sought as in everyday life, among ordinary people, through oral conversation between friends.

This is the reason why Google has created its local directory platform, an area where the most passionate about new places can tell their experiences. It was originally a separate project, but is currently included in Google Maps, and has brought incredible value to the platform.

With local guides, many users have started to give their opinion on any city or town they visited, and now that you like reviewing a local guide, you can follow their profile on Google Maps and receive all their news.

In its latest update, the Google Maps app added tracking functionality for Local Guides to the whole world, although they were already testing it. Thus, Google Maps becomes a little more social than before, with the idea of ​​creating your own community within the app.

There are still things to improve, such as user interaction, through likes or comments, but it's a great first step. The update has already been rolled out globally, so you should get it soon, and it will come to iOS and Android alike.

Likewise, you can also go into the list of people who follow this user, or the accounts that he follows. By the way, as soon as someone follows you, you'll get notifications about new things he's posting inside Google Maps, like reviews, photos, videos, and even recommendation lists. As with other platforms, you can also set your profile as private, thus preventing everyone from seeing what you post.