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Why is playing on an Android phone better than an iPhone?


We can find many interesting games in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. Action games and racing games ... for all tastes.

But what is the best for playing?

Android phone or iPhone? Microsoft confirms that the Android phone is the best for gaming.

Microsoft surprised us this week with the introduction of a new video game streaming service for mobile phones. Although we already knew it, the company didn't even operate it these days and showed it to the public.

This way, by paying a certain amount per month, we can play hundreds of Xbox games on our Android device either through touch controls, connecting a Bluetooth controller or through new accessories, Microsoft will offer for sale.

Is streaming games the future?

This has yet to be seen, but it is clear that playing in the cloud has made Android devices superior to the iPhone when it comes to wanting to play.
Not just because of Microsoft's service, but also because of other platforms like Google Stadia or GeForce NOW, and none of them are yet available for Apple devices (and according to rumors, they're quite unexpected).

 We must also remember that, unlike IOS, Android has several emulators with which it is possible to enjoy old games from Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, PlayStation Portable and even the original PlayStation, among many others.

For all this and since we find phones dedicated exclusively to video games on the Android system, such as the huge Black Shark 3 Pro, Android is a better platform for playing than iOS.