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Twitter bans Trump campaign account from Twitter

The Twitter platform has said it will temporarily block President Donald Trump's campaign account from Twitter until she removes a Tweet that violates Twitter's rules about wrong information related to the Corona virus.

A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement: The Tweet violates Twitter's rules about Corona's misleading virus information, and the account owner will be required to remove the Tweet before he can Tweet again.

It seems that President Donald Trump's campaign account has removed the rule-violating tweet, having tweeted again several times.

The tweet that caused the problem was a video clip from a Trump interview with Fox News where they falsely claimed that children were almost immune to the Coronavirus.

If you go directly to the tweet, you will see a notification stating that the tweet is no longer available because it violated Twitter's rules.

President Trump also posted a link to tweet from his personal account, but the link now displays an error message saying something went wrong.

Facebook has also removed a post from Trump's page within its platform that includes a video clip, in which Trump claims that children are immune to the Coronavirus, for violating the disinformation policy.

The president mentioned the fact that children are less likely to contract coronavirus, Courtney Parella (Courtney Parella), a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, said, accusing Silicon Valley of bias against the president, and said social media companies are not the verdict.

Twitter has shown a growing willingness to take action on Trump's posts and those close to him, and has alerts to several posts in recent weeks on topics ranging from voting to protests.

And the platform last week imposed a similar restriction at the expense of the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., after he posted a video clip of a doctor making false allegations about coronavirus treatments and stating that people do not need masks to prevent the virus from spreading.

Twitter said at that time that some account functions, including the ability to Twitter, would be restricted for 12 hours.

In June, Twitter posted a warning sign of a tweet from the president in which he warned protesters that they would face vigor if they tried to establish an autonomous region in Washington, DC.

Twitter said the tweets violated the company's policy against abusive behavior, specifically, a threat of harm against a specific group.