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Telegram supports 2 GB file sharing

The Telegram app got an update that brings new support for videos instead of profile still.

The app also got support for media thumbnail images in chat, group statistics and file sharing up to 2GB, and support for multiple accounts via desktop applications.

Privacy was a key feature of Telegram, but the instant messaging program is routinely updated to add features that improve its usability.

Over the past few months, the app has received many features, including video editing software, GIFs, chat folders, and more.

You can now also set videos alongside profile picture stills, and you can also choose one frame from this video to display on your account as a profile picture in other people's conversations.

In addition to uploading videos, you can improve them with the built-in video editor, or add animated stickers to them.

Similar to a profile picture, you can have multiple profile videos, and choose to set the master video as you like.

In February, the platform updated the People Nearby feature. To help you meet people in real life.

The platform added through the current update new animated stickers that can be used to start the conversation, and the feature will also tell you the estimated distance between you and the contact.

And for people who might want to end conversations, Telegram now has a new option to automatically archive chats from your contacts.

The messaging program gets thumbnails of the photos received via chats, and although you can long-press a conversation to preview new messages without opening the chat, the thumbnail feature saves you the trouble of long pressing.

For group administrators, the app adds the group statistics feature, which will show activity and group growth rate with the help of colorful graphs.

The app also displays the active members within the group, arranged according to the number of messages and the average length of the message. For this feature to be active, the group must contain at least 500 members.

Other minor additions to Telegram include new video cropping and rotating tools, a new music player UI, a front camera photo or video optimization tool, additional animated emojis, and multiple account support via Telegram apps for Windows and Mac.