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Samsung's "Galaxy Note 20 Ultra" phone survives the durability test



One of the famous YouTube channels - specialized in durability tests - subjected the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to a number of tests, including burning and bending, as well as scratching with sharp objects.

JerryRigEverything, known as one of the most “extreme” channels in durability tests, received the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and then presented the test results that confirmed that the device was similar to its predecessor (Galaxy Note 10 Plus), and the Galaxy S20 phones - which were launched at the same time. Previous this year - with the durability required.

JerryRigEverything started the test by scratching the screen, which was able to withstand up to the sixth level of intentional scratching with a sharp metal tool, and at the seventh level, the scratches began to appear clearly on the screen. Although the phone is the first to adopt Gorilla Glass Victus, there is no difference in durability from the previous generation of glass: (Gorilla Glass 6).

And because the frame of the phone is made of aluminum with a layer, scratching it with a blade resulted in removing only the colored layer, while the back of the phone, which is also protected with a layer of (Gorilla Glass Victus), may bear the scratch using the blade, just like the front of the phone.

Thanks to the glass-protected body, JerryRigEverything's attempts to bend the device were unsuccessful, similar to the recent Samsung flagship phones. The protective glass for the front and rear cameras also successfully countered attempts to scratch with a blade.

As for the burn test, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was strong enough to withstand the deliberate burning of the screen for up to 32 seconds, but then a burn appeared in the screen that did not disappear as usual in previous phones.

It is noteworthy that Samsung had announced the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, along with the Galaxy Note 20, on August 5, and it will be put on sale in most countries of the world as of next Friday.