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Instagram now allows sharing and opening your account using a QR code



Although it was available for some time in some regions, this functionality has now been expanded globally.

What was mentioned in The Verge, QR codes were implemented in Japan last year, but now they will be available to everyone.

So far, if we simply want our Instagram account to follow us, we use identification cards or name tags. It is only necessary to open the Instagram camera, scan the card, and voila, and you will have quick access to our profile. Simple but limited method.
Now with QR codes as an option to share our profile. So, for example, companies can take a QR code from their Instagram profile and share it on their stores or as part of their marketing strategy.

And any user can scan it with any camera app, view or follow profile information. It's simple, functional, and opens up a series of options without having to resort to other apps. To see this option, it is only necessary to go to your account and open the side menu (for the three lines).

If you have the updated Instagram app, you'll see that "ID card" has been replaced with "QR Code". Just select it and you will see the QR code for your account, along with some options for customizing it. You can change the background color, add icons or, and add various elements.