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How to find a lost Wireless headphone Samsung Galaxy Buds?


Samsung provides wireless earbuds (Galaxy Buds) and (Galaxy Buds Live) with elegant designs, a distinctive sound experience and a small size, which makes them vulnerable to loss easily, and for this reason the company provided a feature called (Find My Earbuds) within the ( Galaxy Wearable) to help find the earbud if it's lost.

Here's how to easily find a missing Samsung Galaxy Buds:

You can use the (Find My Earbuds) feature to find your lost Galaxy Buds, through the following steps:

Open the (Galaxy Wearable) application on your phone.
Click on the "Find My Earbuds" option, then click on the "Start" button.
Once the search is complete, you will hear a loud beep sound from the missing Samsung Galaxy Buds, and the sound of this beep will gradually increase for three minutes, giving you some time to locate the missing earphone.
After locating the earpiece, press the Stop option.



 It is recommended not to wear the existing earbud when searching for the other one so that your hearing is not damaged, or you can use the mute feature of one of the earbuds in the (Galaxy Wearable) application to locate the lost speaker.

Note: If you cannot locate the earbud through the app, or if the earbud is out of range of the bluetooth connection - approximately 32 feet - or it is not charging, an alert will appear in the app letting you know that it is (not connected) Disconnected.

In addition, if there is anything that prevents the infrared sensor from locating the speaker, such as: a hard barrier or the presence of the speaker itself in a remote location, it may be impossible for your phone to locate it.

And if you are using original Galaxy Buds headphones and you lost one, you can contact Samsung's support team, or search for an authorized service center and buy one replacement speaker for the one that you lost, but this does not apply to Galaxy Buds + models Or (Buds Live) because the loss of one of the two headphones is not within the warranty, and then you have to buy new headphones. You will have three headphones and two charging cases.