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Apple is also trying to buy a TikTok app

Apple has been interested in buying TikTok, at least according to Axios News, indicating that Apple will have an interest in getting the social network right now.

The news comes just days after Donald Trump made clear his intention to ban the app in the United States, and Microsoft began appreciating his purchase.

The report notes that many sources confirmed Apple's interest in obtaining the ByteDance app.
Although according to the latest known data, the acquisition of Apple's TikTok is less likely, the reality is that using a platform like ByteDance can cause a real headache for Apple taking into account their status in the United States.

Moreover, TikTok's practices in terms of targeted advertising, data collection, and content control are inconsistent with Apple's philosophy and how it manages its services.
So, TikTok's future is still in the air, and it's not clear if any U.S. company will finally end up acquiring one of the most popular platforms in the world.