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A site that brings you all the offers of computer programs and games that have become free

It is very important to know that when you own the computer it does not mean that you are in the position of anyone else who owns the same computer, this, of course, is due to the method of use, and the field of use, and for working with the computer, basic programs must be provided, with some secondary programs, which are usually at a high price, moreover Many computer users love to download different games. The thing that is known in the Arabs is that a large percentage of them are generating programs and games, to get them for free, a small percentage of them are aware of the risks that result from entering illegal download sites, and others do not, and perhaps the most famous risk is ransomware, so the programs and games should be downloaded from the official sites.

Fortunately!, There is a way to obtain fully activated programs in a legal way, by tracking special offers for different companies, which include reducing the product, or providing it for free for a limited time, however finding recent updates, and tracking programs and games is very difficult, which is You may be allowed to miss special offers.

In this post, I will present to you a monopolistic website, which makes it easy for you all that effort, to provide you with programs and games that have become free for a limited time, knowing that some programs are really high price, in addition to providing a discount code for big discounts on various programs, and it is really interesting You do not need to log in on these sites, and to learn more, follow the post.

Going down to the bottom, you will find it offers you first programs that have become free for a limited time, with a counter for the expiry date of offers, and clicking on "more" more, it will provide you with a huge collection of free programs, which you can sort according to the latest, or months, and we mean by months, which was Download it from more people, though it provides you with information about the program that includes: photo, expiry date, number of beneficiaries, license (meaning for a few months, or forever), program rating, and finally you'll find the Get Serial Number button.

This button provides the possibility of obtaining either a direct link to download the entire program or a link to the presentation page. After clicking the button, you will have to wait 30 seconds, then another button titled Get Activation Code will be presented to you, by clicking on it it will get what we mentioned earlier, and in the case of your face to a link The offer page, you will have to enter the name, then the e-mail, and finally "Send", and wait for a little while you will find a message in the e-mail, where you will be provided with the serial number of the program (legal), below which is a direct link to download the program for free.

You can also subscribe by email, or follow up on Facebook / Twitter to get the various new offers on the site the moment they arrive, and by going down below you will find an option that enables you to add a special offer to the list, so that you will write all the information related to the offer, with a link to the offer added, and finally the expiry date If it is available, and without forgetting your email, you will be notified when the offer is accepted and published.

Returning to the interface page, in case you download more then you will find programs that have discounts, and to expand the list click on Holiday Deals .., and you will get the coupon in the same way as before for any program you want.

Right below, you'll get offers for free games, in the same way as before, and offers may increase in the future.

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