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A new website that converts any of your videos into animations

There are many websites that make an animated version of our faces, but they always do it out of an image, not a video.

Now artificial intelligence can help us move one step further, and developers Tejas Mahajan and Naraj Pandkar have proven it.
They have created an AI tool that can convert pictures and videos to animation and name it Cartoonizer.

  It is based on research work done by researchers at the University of Tokyo. They use GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) servers to infer video and central processing units (CPUs) for images, and this is what they could achieve:

Although not perfect, it can be used to create fast prototypes for anime, animation, and games

Currently, the videos you want to convert to animation should be less than 30MB, but can be tested for free and without registration. On the same site, there are other examples of videos.