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5 ways to fix Android phone not connecting to computer issue



 If you find it difficult to connect your Android phone to the computer, do not worry, this problem can appear for many reasons, such as: that the communication status between the phone and the computer is incorrect, or that your computer does not support the drivers (drivers) needed for the connection, and then you can easily fix it. By applying the following tips one by one to troubleshoot the problem.

Here are 5 ways to fix Android phone not connecting to computer issue:

1- Check the USB connection status in your Android phone:

The Android phone supports many communication modes when connected to the computer, and each mode has different purposes, and some of them may cause the computer to not recognize the phone, and then changing the connection mode in the phone can enable the computer to recognize it, here's how to do that:

    Connect your Android phone to the computer with the USB cable.
    Drag the notification bar down the phone, then choose File Transfer mode.
    Once you do that, you will see that your phone will appear as a storage disk in the computer.
    You can now start copying files to and from your phone.

2- Use the file transfer tool on a Mac computer:

Unlike Windows computers, you cannot transfer files directly from an Android phone to a Mac computer, you will need to first install an Android File Transfer tool on your Mac computer as it acts as a bridge between the computer and the phone to transfer files.

  •     Download the tool from the official Android website via this link.
  •     Once the tool is installed on your Mac computer, drag it to the Applications folder.
  •     Double-click the tool in the Applications folder to run it.
  •     Connect your Android phone to your Mac computer using the USB cable.
  •     Once your phone appears on the tool's screen, you can start transferring files directly.

3- Replace the USB port and USB cable with another:

If you applied the previous steps, and you are still facing the same problem, the USB port or cable you are using may be damaged, as this will prevent the computer from recognizing your Android phone, and fortunately, most computers have multiple USB ports.

So you should try another port on the computer to see if it recognizes the phone or not, or connect the phone to the computer using a different USB cable.

4- Uninstall other Android communication tools:

Some smartphone manufacturers offer their own connection solutions, such as: (Samsung SideSync) tool that you can install in the phone and computer to transfer files easily, but it is possible that such tools cause the computer to not recognize your Android phone at all.

If you have any of these tools installed, try to uninstall them from the computer to avoid interference. Once done, reconnect your phone to the computer and see if it works as usual or not.

5- Run the computer troubleshooter tool:

Windows 10 OS comes with many troubleshooting tools; To help you find and fix problems, one of them is to troubleshoot external devices such as your Android phone, where you can get help from this tool to fix connection problems, and make the computer recognize your phone.