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With these steps, your name and identity are reached when you watch porn and scandal websites await you

SOURCE image :https://www.wired.com/2015/04/silk-road-1/ 

How Scared Are You Known To Watch Online Porn Movies? The best treatment is not to look at it.

 Most pornographic websites are traded without encryption, there are as many third-party cookies as in regular pages, and there aren't even privacy policies on more than 80% of porn pages.

This crawl also occurs largely in regular content but is (somewhat) more supervised. The adult content is more sensitive and should be severe. According to two new scientific articles, the opposite happens: it's a darker, less controlling world. It's easy to imagine porn users who watch their entertainment in the calm of the room. On the other side of the screen, there are many eyes watching.

This detail five researchers at Imdea Networks analyzed the behavior of nearly 7,000 adult websites, and its results are revealed after more than 22,000 pornographic pages have been analyzed.
Pornography is a sensitive issue for two reasons: People prefer not to admit its use. In addition, if users are discovered, it can be a tool of coercion, especially in countries where it is punished. The second reason is that there is a list that you specify.

If they want to know something about you, they'll know it, "says Pelayo Vallina, the principal researcher and author of the Imdea study." The drama is that it is still impossible today to determine with certainty what data it has and how it collects it about you.
 Here are some of the reasons why Internet pornography is a mess of privacy and who can find out:

1. Famous cookies.

 A cookie is part of the code that stays on our computer when we visit a website. There are cookies owned by the domain we visit and third-party cookies. Those from third parties are from other companies, and they have their own life which is dedicated to our browsing monitoring. On the regular web, there are a lot, on porn pages too.
Both investigations found third-party cookies on more than 70% of pages, although only 4% of them had the required legal consent button for their computer's cookies.

2. Unknown companies without a privacy policy.

 One of the most surprising data is that 97% of the websites have no information about the owner company. "It is dangerous and shows that there is a very long way to go for truly implementing RGPD," says Alvaro Viel, a researcher at Imdea Networks. Without institutional management taking on obligations, how can legislation seek responsibility? Only 16% of porn sites have something similar to the privacy policy and the rest 84% expose you to a major scandal.

3. Minimum encrypted traffic.

 The traveler connects to the Wi-Fi network in your hotel, airport, or operator of your company. If the traffic is not encrypted, the administrator of that network will see the addresses and the content you have visited, including the cookies that are traded. It is also registered in some cases for commercial purposes.
“Only 17% of the pages are encrypted, which means most of them are more vulnerable to attack. If a bad person gets information from your personal porn browsing, he can use it for various malicious purposes, such as blackmail.” Says Elena Maris, Microsoft researcher and lead author of the New Media & article Society.

4. The complexity of the tracking tools.

Third-party cookies are just the most common way to know which websites a user is viewing. But there are more accurate and stable ways to link identity and browse. Imedia study found two types on porn pages: Canvas fingerprints and cookie synchronization.
For security reasons, browsers restrict access to cookies only to those who have installed them. However, cookie synchronization allows two tracking devices to share information they have on the same user.
Of the 100 pornographic sites ranked by Alexa, 58% use this technology.