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The most prominent fitness trackers in 2020

Fitness trackers can form a great alliance to help you get the look you want without investing in a full smartwatch, it not only makes you responsible for the amount of activity you do, but also shows you how to get the most out of each workout. There are dozens of great fitness trackers to choose from, but we've rounded up 3 of our favorite devices based on price, shape and functionality.

Fitbit Charge 4:

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that has features like the Plus Size Smartwatch, Fitbit Charge 4 may be a perfect fit, as it checks all fitness benefits and has sports training tools and a built-in GPS to track outdoor training independently. It also includes mobile phone payments and the option to answer text messages and messages.

Fitbit Charge 3:

If you are looking for a slightly affordable fitness tracker, you can also consider Fitbit Charge 3, which is now $ 99, but you won't get an integrated GPS or mobile payment options, but it almost looks like (Fitbit Charge 4) It gives you access to most of the same fitness benefits, as well as deep sleep analysis. Additionally, the battery can last up to one week with one charge, while Fitbit Charge 4 charging ends in about three days with GPS turned on.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4:

(Mi Band 4) is the best fitness tracker for less than $ 40, it contains most of the benefits you will get in a more expensive fitness tracker, such as the AMOLED touch screen that is easy to see in the sunlight and the rate of Heart around the clock throughout the week and track sleep, and the battery life is unparalleled as you will get about two and a half weeks of use before you need to charge. The only thing unreliable in this device is the variety of exercises; He can only discover running, walking, biking or swimming.