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The best Samsung phones in 2020 so far

Samsung routinely launches some of the best Android phones every year, and Samsung phones sometimes outperform iPhone and Huawei phones.

Samsung issues phones at prices that suit most users, for example, it has a high-spec (Galaxy S20) group, which is one of the company’s most expensive phones, and the company also has medium-sized (Galaxy A80) phones, which are suitable for most users around the world because Their prices are reasonable.

Our list includes a variety of Samsung phones, where you can see that they are arranged according to the specifications and strength of the phones.

Best Samsung phones in 2020 so far:

  •     Galaxy S20 Plus
  •     Galaxy S20
  •     Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  •     Galaxy Note 10
  •     Galaxy S20 Ultra
  •     Galaxy S10 Plus
  •     Galaxy S10
  •     Galaxy S10e
  •     Galaxy Note 9
  •     Galaxy S9 Plus
  •     Galaxy Fold
  •     Galaxy A80

There are also some rumors about Samsung's intention to launch its phones in 2021 without a charger, and according to the Korean website (ETNews), the company is considering selling its upcoming smartphones without chargers inside the sales box, early next year. While Korean company Samsung has not confirmed the news, it is likely that cost reduction is one of the reasons for this decision, as the prices of smartphones have skyrocketed in the past decade.

The company's goal in the move could be to boost sales of chargers and headphones, as Samsung has previously been criticized for selling a $ 50 fast charger (Galaxy S20 Ultra) with only a 25-watt charger included in the box.

Samsung also announced that its next event (Galaxy Unpacked 2020) will be held on August 5, corresponding to Wednesday, 5 pm Saudi Arabia time. The South Korean giant is expected to unveil its new range of Galaxy Note 20 devices, along with the successor to its first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold. Samsung usually unveils a new version of the Galaxy Note series at the Galaxy Unpacked event in August, but this year’s version will be hypothetical due to the coronavirus pandemic.