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Microsoft launches a trial version of Windows Defender for Android

Microsoft said on Tuesday: It plans to launch a test version of its anti-virus application for the Android operating system.

The American software giant had revealed a special version for Android and iOS systems (Windows Defender) earlier this year.

The beta version of the Windows Defender Android app comes to protect users from phishing and detect signature-based malware. The company clarified in a post: "Scanning operations are performed immediately to detect malware and unwanted applications." "If a secure app is downloaded, the user will see a slight notification allowing him to know that the application is clean," she added.

Microsoft's web protection feature will include anti-phishing, blocking unsafe websites that are sent via SMS, WhatsApp, email, or other applications instantly. Microsoft also uses its Defender SmartScreen technology to block unsafe network connections that malicious applications may try to create without the user's knowledge.

It is noteworthy that the preview version of the Android system comes more than a year after Microsoft began launching the preview version of Windows Defender for Mac OS from Apple. The company plans to launch an iOS version of the app.