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Launching a new version of Octoparse that extracts data from websites and you can try it

The new version of Octoparse 8 was released a few weeks ago. In order to help you better understand the differences between the new OP 8 and OP 7, we will summarize all the updates in this article.

1. More data retrieval speed

We all know the value of time and speed of data extraction is an essential feature for enjoying a high-quality user experience. In version 8.1 the mechanism of extracting and extracting data has been significantly accelerated, about 10 times faster than the previous version. For example, in the previous version OP 7, 100 records were extracted from the data in 21 minutes and 41 seconds, but now in the new version OP 8, this process takes only two minutes to get the same amount of information from the same web pages.

In OP 8.1, technical issues that previously existed such as tripping and sudden program failure were solved. Now all user interactions with the user interface in OP 8.1 such as running the program and setting the tasks are done in just 0.5 seconds on average.

2. Perfect fit

Mac OS compatibility

The good news is that besides supporting Windows, OP 8.1 is now available on Mac OS for Apple computers as well. Mac users have demanded a lot for a copy for them, and now we have responded with a copy for Mac.

Advanced compatibility with the built-in browser

The browser’s built-in browser engine has changed from Firefox 7.0 to Google Chrome 8.0 so you will find that sites that were failing to load on the old version OP 7 are now successfully loaded with OP 8.

3. Work without your intervention!

Automatic identification of data fields

Another essential feature that has been developed is automation (automatic work). Once you enter the webpage address in OP 8, you will notice that Octoparse automatically recognizes the site and its data fields. For users who are tired of typing XPath in OP 7, this new feature will be more suitable for them.

Modify the results of automatic learning to choose what suits you best
If the auto-recognition results are inappropriate and not suitable for the user's needs, they can alter and alter the results to capture other shots of data as Octoparse 8 automatically detects many layers of data to extract it without user intervention.
Extract interlaced pages with the push of a button!

Nested web pages or detail pages are pages that follow specific links on a list page. In the previous version OP 7, if you need to capture nested web page data, then you need page numbering to click on each list and then extract the detail page content.

In the new OP 8, this process is done more simply so that users can easily number the pages by selecting one button in the Tips panel, and it will work automatically to get the detail page as shown in the picture.

A broader and clearer view of the data sample

In the previous version OP 7, you had to move back and forth between the browser and the control panel to view the data, but in the new version OP 8 there is a place dedicated to reviewing a sample of data so that it gives you a look at all the columns of data before performing the task. Moreover, once you mark or click on certain data, Octoparse 8 will mark it inside the webpage in the browser, making it easier for you to know its location.

4. Design update for more control

The design of the new Octoparse 8 program is completely different from the design of the previous version, as the built-in browser was under the workspace. In the new version, the interface is very clean with an updated menu bar and the workspace is to the left of the browser.

The smartest sidebar

There are options like "Quick Filter" and "Recent Tasks" in the sidebar to access your latest projects with the push of a button. Compared to the previous version, the new OP 8 gives you quick access to projects without returning to the main screen or searching all project assignments.

Manage tasks in your fist

The project includes a lot of data extracts in Octoparse and the user will feel surrounded by a lot of tasks, some of which need more attention and give priority to others. In OP 7 there are many filters to sort tasks like cloud need, task type, scheduling status, etc.

In the new version OP 8 filters or filters in another level to display all tasks completed at a specific time, or tasks with specific records from the extracted data, or specify the filter you want at the top as you want and also you can create and save the filter that you want to use later next time.

5. Advantages to come

- XPath tool
- Export data in JSON format
- Auto correction while working

6. Last notes

You can install old version OP 7 and newer OP 8 on your device. The OP 7 version supports all Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. The OP 8 version also supports all previous systems in addition to MacOS except for Windows XP as it only supports 64-bit systems.
Before it was officially launched, we want to make sure that the new version meets quality specifications within the next two weeks, and we cannot achieve this without informing us of your reactions and suggestions. You can try beta 8.1 beta and if you encounter any issues you can contact us via the problem reporting page or directly via email support@octoparse.com