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How to install Windows on an external disk for use anywhere as a laptop

External storage drives spread for many reasons and are expensive to transfer files or keep a backup copy, but some people may consider operating the Windows system directly from the external hard to use it anywhere as if they had their computer in their pocket.

Note: The external hard drive must be completely blank and you must own the Windows ISO file to install.

Download the WinToUSB program from the link at the bottom of the post, then plug in the hard drive and then format it, keeping in mind that it is NTFS.

Install and run WinToUSB and click Browse and then choose the ISO file for the Windows version. The program will show you the versions of Windows in the ISO file, select the version you want to install, then click the Next button.

Then select the external hard drive from the "Select the destination disk" drop-down menu.

Then click Next to select the hard partition system, whether MBR or GPT. You can tell the difference from this previous post. What is the difference between partitioning the hard disk with MBR or GPT technology and which one should you use?

After pressing the Yes button, the program will start to configure the external hard drive. Then divide the hard and choose Partition for the system and Partition to boot or you can choose the available Partition and the program will divide it into two parts, one for the system and another for boot

From Installation mode, select VHD, then select the Windows Partition space in GB from and click Next

Then the program will install Windows on the external hard drive. Wait for the Installed message to appear successfully. Thus, you will have an external hard disk capable of running Windows anywhere.

You can now install your favorite programs, games and drivers as well as transfer the files you want on the rest of the external hard drive.

  App: WinToUSB