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How to fix battery drain issue in iOS version 13.5.1

A number of iPhone users who installed the latest iOS 13.5.1 operating system have reported battery drain issues, specifically when using the Apple Music app, as users have reported that this occurs even if they do not use the app.

Here's how to fix the battery drain issue in iOS 13.5.1:

This issue was first detected by MacRumors which stated that: “Hundreds of users who use the iOS version 13.5.1 on new and old iPhones suffer from rapid battery drain, even when the music app is not in use, in some cases the app is running in the background For several hours every day, even if it has not been used for weeks or not used at all. ”

Then a lot of complaints appeared in the Apple support forums and the social networking site Reddit, from many iPhone users who faced the same problem, where one of the users on Reddit posted a screenshot showing that his phone's battery drains energy 24 hours a day, specifically the music application that was one of the most energy-draining phone battery applications.

Also, some screenshots posted by the affected users showed that there is no solution to this problem even if the phone is switched to (Low Power Mode), and some reports and complaints have shown that the phone is overheating.

While some users claim that the problem occurs when the music app starts syncing playlists with the Apple smartwatch and that the problem disappears once the watch is disconnected from the iPhone, while others say: stopping updating the music application in the background helps solve this problem, and you can do so from By following these steps:

  • Go to settings on the iPhone.
  • Click General.
  • Click the Background App Refresh.
  • You'll find a list of apps on your phone, find the Apple Music app, and slide the toggle next to it to Off.

What is the final solution?

Apple has yet to comment on this issue, and there are no exact numbers for the affected users, but the most reliable temporary fix for this bug - so far - seems to be deleting the music app from the iPhone and waiting for the official release of the operating system (iOS 13.6) - Which is currently available as a beta - in the coming days for a definitive solution to the problem.