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Galaxy S20 camera features reach A51 and A71

Samsung has released a new software update that brings a host of the flagship (Galaxy S20) camera features to the Galaxy A series.

Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 users will now be able to harness some of the powerful innovations of the Galaxy S20 series, designed to make capturing and sharing photos and videos more dynamic than ever.

The update brings new camera functions, such as (Single Take) and (Night Hyperlapse), along with new sharing, search, and translation features.

The Samsung announcement does not indicate exactly when the update will be released, but the information previously stated that features had started arriving at the Galaxy A51 last month.

Single Take feature allows you to capture videos using many different camera modes simultaneously, then choose from the results, and users can take up to ten seconds of shots with a wide range of capture modes.

While Night Hyperlapse is designed to deliver better Hyperlapse videos in low light.

There is a new custom filter mode (My Filters) that allows you to create filters using your current photos, and (Galaxy A51) and (Galaxy A71) get manual focus and shutter speed controls for photography.

These features give users more control over taking photos and videos so they can take full control of their photography experiences.

Beyond the features of the Galaxy S20 camera, the software update brings Samsung Quick Share and Music Share features.

These features allow you to share media files and Bluetooth connections with neighboring devices.

Phones' keyboards can now translate the text directly, while the Gallery application can now group similar images together to facilitate navigation between them through the (Clean View) feature, and the search function in the phone application is also improved.

The Galaxy A series phones are one of the most popular groups of smartphones with Samsung, and the phones of this series come at much more affordable prices than the leading Galaxy Note and Galaxy S devices.

Through updates like these, the latest features of the advanced Galaxy S20 camera became available at a much cheaper price, and a previous update brought many of these features to the last year's flagship phones (Galaxy S10) and (Galaxy Note 10).