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Financial losses and troubles with companies .. Amazon is moving to eliminate the phenomenon of counterfeit goods

Amazon has announced the launch of a new unit to combat counterfeit products on its website, in the latest effort to tackle a growing problem that e-commerce has been suffering from for years.

She explained in a post yesterday, Wednesday, that the Counterfeit Crimes Unit, made up of former federal prosecutors, investigators and data analysts, will excavate the site and collect information from external resources, such as payment service providers, to find "bad actors" trying to sell counterfeit products.

Amazon has strengthened its work with law enforcement to report and prosecute counterfeiters, in response to criticism from sellers, consumers and government agencies that complain of the problem, which has hurt legitimate buyers and companies.

The new counterfeit control unit will facilitate the company to file civil lawsuits, assist brands in their own investigations, and work with law enforcement officials in combating counterfeiting crimes.

The Amazon store, launched in 2000, consists of millions of third-party sellers, who list hundreds of millions of items. It now accounts for more than half of the company's total sales, and it has been proven that the store hosts counterfeit, unsafe, and even expired goods. Fake products can be harmful to trusted brands sold through Amazon.

Fake products are a big problem for online retailers, especially for large companies. Nike Sports recently stopped selling direct products through Amazon and justified this decision in the presence of unlicensed and fraudulent sellers.

In late April, the US Trade Regulatory Authority added some Amazon foreign websites to the list of global markets known as counterfeit and pirated goods.

Amazon claimed it was being targeted because of a "personal vendetta" between President Donald Trump and company CEO Jeff Bezos, whose ownership of The Washington Post led to a long-running dispute between the two.

Amazon says it spent more than $ 500 million in 2019 to fight fraud, abuse, and counterfeit products, with 8,000 employees working in this field. The company also reported that 2.5 million accounts of individuals and suspected vendors were blocked before they made any sales last year.