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Facebook shares user data with developers

Facebook was once again embroiled in a controversial stance on privacy issues, as the social media giant confirmed that thousands of developers had access to user data, an unexpected behavior.

After the Cambridge Analytica crisis in 2018, Facebook developed new policies that prevent developers from receiving user data that has not used the social network for more than 90 days.

In response to criticism that allowed application developers to access user data, in 2018 Facebook added a new security mechanism that prevents applications from accessing that data, if the user has not used the app for more than 90 days.

Given that users can link third-party applications to Facebook, developers can access personal information from those who have such applications linked to a Facebook account.

Facebook recently discovered that the security mechanism failed in some cases to operate, and allowed some applications to access user information even after the 90-day deadline.

The social media giant did not mention how long this security breach was active before it was fixed, or the number of affected users, but continued to share user data with approximately 5,000 developers even after their app's access expired.

Facebook said: The problem has affected about 5,000 developers over the past several months, without specifying the user data that was incorrectly shared specifically, but it made clear that users had previously authorized apps to receive the data in question.

The platform claimed that the problem was fixed as soon as it was discovered, and that no additional information was shared, along with what the user allowed in privacy settings, while the Facebook account was still active.

"We have not seen evidence that this problem has resulted in sharing information that does not correspond to the permissions people gave when logging in with Facebook," the company wrote.

The platform indicated that the engineers fixed the problem on the same day they discovered it, and plans to continue investigating and continuing to prioritize transparency about any major updates, while enhancing privacy policies to ensure developers understand their responsibility towards user data.