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Certo AntiSpy .. informs you if an iPhone or iPad has been hacked

Sometimes, it may be difficult to detect the penetration of your iPhone or iPad despite the precautions you may take, due to the fact that most malware targeting iOS and iPadOS users are carefully and professionally designed. Extremely working in the background to steal user data without noticing any unusual behavior in their device.

To prevent this, you can use the (Certo AntiSpy) tool to closely examine the operating system and applications on your iPhone or iPad to verify whether it is compromised.
How to use the Certo AntiSpy tool:

To use the (Certo AntiSpy) tool, you must first install it on your computer, whether it is running Windows or Mac OS, then you should make a backup copy of the iPhone or iPad device and save it to your computer, as the tool will use this backup to scan it for signs of penetration.

Once the backup copy of the iPhone or iPad device has been saved to the computer, run the tool on your computer, as the tool will search carefully for jailbreak operations, spyware, and any malicious software installed in the iPhone or iPad device, and once completed you will receive a notification showing you all Suspicious operations in your device, and the tool will also warn you if spy applications are installed in your device.

In addition, the tool will also thoroughly check the permissions used by the apps installed in your iPhone or iPad, giving you a quick look at the apps that can access your site, microphone or camera.

As with most professional tools and applications, Certo AntiSpy is not free, as there are three annual subscription plans available:
  • Basic Plan: targets the user who needs a simple security check, and costs $ 29.95 a year.
  • Plan Two (Pro): Provides more professional scan tools for users interested in spying software in iPhones and iPads, available at $ 49.95 annually.
  • Third Plan (Unlimited): For companies or customers with multiple devices, it costs $ 89.95 annually.