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A mysterious Indian company runs the world's largest piracy service

An unknown Indian information technology company has offered hacking services to help customers spy on more than 10,000 email accounts over a seven-year period, targeting New Delhi-based BellTroX InfoTech Services, government officials in Europe, and gambling tycoons in the Bahamas, And well-known investors in the United States, including the private equity giant (KKR).

Reuters reported that aspects of the BellTroX InfoTech Services wave, which targets American targets, are currently being investigated by US law enforcement authorities, but there is currently no clear information about the identity of BellTroX InfoTech Services clients, and the company owner declined, (Summit Sumit Gupta reveals who rented it and denied wrongdoing.

Researchers at the Citizen Lab group, which spent more than two years mapping the infrastructure that hackers use, published a report saying that they had high confidence that BellTroX InfoTech Services employees were behind the spying campaign, while the researcher at the Citizen Lab John Railton: “This is one of the biggest paid spyware ever.”

Although they receive a small portion of the attention devoted to state-sponsored spy groups, paid hacking services are widely used, and according to Railton's remarks, the investigation found that there is no immune sector.

The data reviewed by Reuters provides insight into the process, detailing tens of thousands of malicious messages designed to trick victims into giving up their passwords, sent by (BellTroX InfoTech Services) between 2013 and 2020, and data was provided from online service providers, who are used by hackers, After Reuters warned companies about unusual activity patterns on its platforms.

The data is a digital results list that shows who was targeted and when. The list includes judges in South Africa, politicians in Mexico, lawyers in France, and environmental groups in the United States.

Gupta was charged in a 2015 piracy case, in which two private American investigators confessed to paying him to hack into the accounts of marketing executives, and Gupta denied piracy and said: He did not communicate with law enforcement elements, and he did not help private investigators at all except in downloading messages from the incoming email After providing him with login details.

"I didn't help them reach anything, I just helped them download mail messages and they gave me all the details, and I don't know how they got these details, but I was just helping them with technical support," he added.

According to data reviewed by Reuters, (BellTroX InfoTech Services) targeted its targets with tens of thousands of malicious e-mails, some messages attempted to impersonate colleagues or relatives, while other messages pretended to be requested to log into Facebook, or as graphical notifications to unsubscribe from Pornographic websites.

New York-based Safkhet Capita was among 17 investment companies targeted (BellTroX InfoTech Services) between 2017 and 2019, and the company said: It noticed an increase in suspicious emails in early 2018, shortly after launching its fund.

American defense groups have also been repeatedly targeted, including digital rights organizations (Free Press) and (Fight for the Future), and groups have said: A small number of employee accounts may be compromised, but extensive networks of organizations have not been affected.

Timothy Karr, director of Free Free, said: "His organization is witnessing a rise in attempts to breach whenever the organization engages in public discussions about public policy, while (Evan Greer, deputy director of (Fight for the Future)) said:" When companies and politicians can hire digital mercenaries to target civil society advocates, they undermine our democratic process. ”

While Reuters was unable to determine who hired (BellTroX InfoTech Services) to implement piracy, two former employees said: Such companies are usually contracted by private investigators on behalf of commercial competitors or political opponents; For hacking and hacking data and e-mail.

The activities of the BellTroX InfoTech Services team included on LinkedIn include email penetration, exploitation, institutional espionage, and conducting cyber intelligence operations. Moreover, the LinkedIn company pages and pages of its employees have received hundreds of endorsements from individuals working in various areas of collecting Corporate information and private investigations.