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5 free tools to help you convert images to any format easily

The image converter tools allow you to convert any type of image to another format if the operating system on your computer does not support it, such as: converting a picture in TIF format to JPG format, and you can install some of these tools on a computer, or use Gadgets available directly on the web.

Here are 5 free tools that help you convert images to any format easily:

1- XnConvert Tool:

XnConvert tool allows you to convert images to more than 80 formats, in addition to that it is available for all Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems, and is also available as a smartphone app for Android phone users in Google Play, and for iPhone and iPad users in the App Store.

This tool allows you to convert a group of photos at once, import entire folders comprising multiple images, and use filters to adjust image colors, resize, and more.

2- CoolUtils Online Image Converter:

CoolUtils allows you to convert images over the Internet and does not need to be downloaded, unlike some tools that you need to download and install on your device in order for you to use them.

Unlike some tools available online, CoolUtils converts the image to you in real time, without waiting for a link in the email to download the image, and this means that you can use the image directly once the conversion process is finished for the format you want, in addition to the possibility to rotate and resize the image Before converting it.

3- Adapter:

The Adapter tool allows you to drag and drop images from your computer directly into the tool's website, you can also choose the location to save the image, know the size of the image before and after the conversion, in addition to other features, such as: changing the image name, and choosing its resolution, and the tool also supports converting video and audio files.

4- BatchPhoto Espresso:

You can use the BatchPhoto Espresso tool online in just three steps, with the ability to easily resize, crop, rotate or modify the image, along with other features, such as: adding special effects to images, changing brightness and contrast, and more.

5- Zamzar tool:

Zamzar is an online photo-conversion tool that supports most common image formats as well as some CAD formats, allowing you to convert any image online and use it directly in your project, or choose to send the link of the image you have converted to your email for later reference.