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5 features in iOS 14 that will change the way you use an iPhone

Apple has announced a large number of new features in the upcoming iOS 14 operating system, and these features are expected to make a major change in the way iPhone is used, including: the ability to customize the iPhone's home screen, and significant changes to the messaging app ( iMessage), plus a new translation app, and the ability to unlock your car using the iPhone.

Here are 5 features in iOS 14 that will change the way you use an iPhone:

1- The responses feature included in the messaging app:

New improvements in the messaging app mainly focus on iMessage group conversations, where you can now put an @ followed by the person’s name in a group conversation to grab something's attention, and that will help you catch people's attention and ensure that you get a timely response.

2- Installing any conversation in the messaging app to access it quickly:

(IOS 14) now allows you to pin a conversation to the top of the messaging app screen for quick access, without having to scroll through the long list of conversations to find a conversation.

This feature will be especially useful if you have a lot of group chats that you want to quickly search for a piece of information, such as: a group of family or friends you communicate with daily.

3 - A more organized home screen:

The App Library tool in (iOS 14) can now be used that arranges applications and automatically organizes them in your phone in folders, to make it easy to find all the apps installed in iPhone easily.

You can use the tool in three different ways, by taking a quick look at automatically organized folders and clicking on the application icon you want, or searching for the application in question by writing it in the search field at the top of the screen, or by pressing the screen to sort the applications Listed alphabetically.

4- Translate texts via a built-in application:

Instead of having to use the Google Translate app, iOS 14 introduces you to a new built-in translation app, designed for use in instant chats and supports 11 languages ​​including Arabic.

You can also access your recent translations, save some of them as favorites for quick access, in addition, the iOS 14 translation app introduces a new feature called Conversation Mode to facilitate instant conversations with someone who speaks another language.

5- New tools for organizing the screen:

You can now add Widget widgets directly to the home screen and arrange them in multiple sizes as per your choice, in addition to the (Smart Stack) tool that will automatically show you information from multiple applications when you think you need them, for example: Show the weather app in addition to Calendar application as soon as you wake up.