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4 skills guarantee your training opportunity with Google

The Google internship program has been established since 1999 and remains one of the most wanted programs in the technology field. The company receives tens of thousands of requests every year for trainees looking for an opportunity with the giant company.

Last year, the company received more than 125,000 requests for the program. Getting a place among the lucky ones is not easy, and often involves several rounds of interviews and challenges.

Summer and autumn training programs moved from Google this year to the Internet because of Corona, but the company hopes to return to personal training in 2021.

Google talent director Kyle Ewing - who oversees internship and residency and employment programs at junior level in Google - Business Insider - said that the company relies on 4 key features in assessing resumes, which are:
It is not important where you worked, but the skills you learned

"We want to see what kind of experience you have with the knowledge that matters to Google," Ewing said, who has been working for the company for 14 years. "We are not looking for the companies you've worked for, but what skills have you developed and what roles have you played there?" The courses the student received, or other types of internships he received.

"As for the internship, it will be important for you to understand the data structures and algorithms. How can you prove this in the CV? I took the training course, and I applied it in a project, this is all about knowledge matters related to the role that interests us."

What kind of problems have you solved?

The next thing Google looks at is general cognitive ability, which Ewing usually says is easier to evaluate in an interview. "We're looking at the type of problems you can solve? Are you asking the right questions?"

For some of Google's internal tracks, applicants must solve challenges as part of the interview process. "It's not about your intelligence," Ewing says. "It's how you deal with problems, and what perspective will you be able to present to the group?"

Are you a leader?

Google doesn't expect every apprentice to be ready to lead the product division, but leadership is still the quality they are looking for. "Even for students, we are looking for emerging leaders," Ewing says, "did you have a leadership position in a school? Did you take the lead on a project? Are you very proactive in how you appear?"

Do you know what "googliness" means?

You may have heard the word "Googliness" that comes up when it comes to your company's recruitment strategies, but what does it actually mean?

Ewing admits that there is an inaccurate understanding of the term, and she can explain Googliness by answering this question, "What can you add to Google's culture?", Which reveals if the applicant’s ambitions are reasonable for Google, and indicated that the candidate will face these questions. Also: "Are you sure you want to solve really big problems? Are you very passionate about the technology you want to work with on products that serve millions of people around the world?"

Google's talent chief explained that Google’s definition has evolved over time, and said the company is looking for the added value that it will get, what the newcomer will add and how it will meet the company’s needs.