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Snap allows using external applications directly inside Snapchat

Snap (Partner Summit) today announced its new product, Snap Minis, which aims to attract third-party developers to the Snapchat app.

The company pointed out that (Snap Menis) are light and small applications from external companies that can be used directly inside Snapchat chats with friends, without the need to exit the application or switch between applications.

(Snoo Woo) - Snap Product Manager at Snap Mine said, "Snap menez" are small sized utilities designed especially for friends. SnapMiniz applications can be opened within chat, and a group of users can use them at the same time.

According to the company, there will be a few Snapchat apps on launch. One of them, from Atom Tickets, will allow users to watch movie trailers together, or watch movie showtimes, then choose seats as a group before purchasing tickets individually. Another app from Saturn Technologies allows students to share and compare classroom schedules in Snapchat.

The Snap Mines product represents the company's latest effort to expand its work with third-party software developers. Snap already works with developers to create augmented reality lenses for the Snapchat app, and to integrate the story feature with other apps. Wu said, "Snapd Menes" applications are based on the same technology that Snapchat uses.

It is noteworthy that the (Snap Menis) applications will be available for the Snapchat application in Android and iOS in the month of July.