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REMOVE launches PHOTOSHOP dedicated to removing background from photos this time professionally

We all know that with Photoshop, the background of images can be removed without much mystery, but for this, you have to use brushes, know resources and invest time to spot areas and correct potential errors (color choice, magic wand, pixel selection by pixel, etc.). So it's still more complicated than what you get in remove.bg
 Remove.bg has become the ideal site for removing the background of any image, without registration and with a simple process: we upload the image and get the result.

The thing to mention is that no matter how easy it is to try to remove background from images in remove.bg, you will never be able to compete with Photoshop, a tool used to do more serious professional work. What they did now create an integration plugin.

It is an accessory designed for Photoshop that handles even the difficult edges of an image, such as delicate hair, green screen tones, and low contrast edges.

To install it, we just have to follow the steps outlined in this link
www.remove.bg/photoshop: Register in remove.br, download the extension, and corresponding KEY API mode.