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Photoshop Camera app that makes your photos amazing comes to Android for everyone and you can download it

Last year Adobe introduced a new application called Photoshop Camera, which allowed AI users to not only shoot stunning photos but also turn them into stunning photo collages with its powerful filters.

Half a year after the company released its first beta version for some Android phones, it is finally possible today to download Photoshop Camera from the Play Store.

 Photoshop is known around the world as the most widely used image editing and editing software in the world, in fact, it is a tool that photography and design professionals use to create their business, so Photoshop Camera is a small taste of that power in a mobile phone.

Obviously, the app does not allow you to create an image from scratch, because the function will always need to take a picture or choose an image from your smartphone that you can make some adjustments to it.
Photoshop Camera has an auto-correction mode that uses AI to improve photography, although you can also manually adjust different parts of the image.

There are currently more than 20 filters that you can use for your photos, and more and more are likely to be added soon, including two on Billie Eilish.

Link: Photoshop Camera