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Microsoft launches an Android app that provides you with three protection methods that no program has ever provided

If you have downloaded many anti-virus software for Android and none convinced you, you should wait a little bit to try Microsoft's new bet regarding antivirus. The company has officially announced that its antivirus, Microsoft Defender, will come to Android in a short time.

 Microsoft's antivirus software for Android mobile devices provides interesting protection based on three ways:
- Advanced protection against phishing, access to malicious domains, and high-risk web pages.

  •  It provides active and continuous analysis of applications, malicious files, and unwanted applications.
  •  Adds protection layers that prevent and reduce the impact of all types of interference.
  • Likewise, this is not all that Microsoft Defender will offer, because from the company's official blog they made it clear that over time the application's security system will be improved, in addition to adding new functions to detect new threats.

Additionally, as if all of this wasn't enough, the app not only targets Android mobile devices, it has also been announced that Microsoft's antivirus software will reach iOS and Linux mobile devices.

If you want to install Microsoft antivirus software on an Android mobile phone, you must download the Intune Company Portal app. From there, all the steps you must follow to download the initial version of this antivirus program are displayed.
Note that the final release of Microsoft Defender has no release date yet. The preview is expected to be active for a few months, as Microsoft needs to know if something needs improvement before it is officially published in the Google Play Store.

Link:Intune Company Portal‏