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Huawei officially introduces the phone that measures the temperature

Yesterday we saw how distances can be measured using a mobile phone's voice, and the same company says it is working on a similar temperature measurement system. Now Huawei appears to have preceded it.

 It's Honor Play 4 and Play 4 Pro, which are two phones launched in China at a very low price, with 5G and four rear cameras and steam cooling for the regular model and two selfie cameras on the screen and the addition of 40W to charge the Pro, but what is striking is the version equipped with the infrared temperature sensor.

The infrared sensor is located in the rear camera unit, and is able to read surface temperatures between -20 ° C and 100 ° C. Although it is not intended as a thermometer for measuring user fever, it may be beneficial in some cases.
Many public places and public accommodations in China still conduct spot temperature checks on people using custom infrared thermometers, so the presence of this technology inside a mobile phone may seem like an interesting idea.

It would be strange to see people measuring the temperature of the person next to them on the phone on the subway to check whether they have a fever or not, but everything is possible today.
The Play 4 Pro with an IR sensor is not yet available on the market, but the other two models are available. Play 4 costs $ 281, while the Pro version reaches $ 400.
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