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Galaxy Buds X, the new and strange headphones from Samsung

After two months of no news on Galaxy Buds X, the leaks are back. One of the most important leaks has now released many photos about the very strange Samsung headphones. Since then there has been no evidence of its existence, something that has just changed. Today we can confirm that the grain-shaped headphones are a reality and that Samsung can deliver it very soon. It has been seen in the Samsung Accessories app.

The headphones have been leaking for months, and since then no one has talked much about them. He thought it could be patented and I wouldn't hit the market, but this has just changed. The headphones are watched in the Galaxy Wearable app.

The icon for this app reveals a small icon in which the design of the Galaxy Buds X is completely visible, it is really bean-shaped and interesting. There are strange and very small TWS headphones on the market, but none of them are with this special design.

These headphones are expected to feature noise cancellation, various sensors, touch areas and a status for storing and charging. Its shape is totally weird and we don't know how small this headphone can be and it's competition from the rest of the TWS on the market.

What seems clear is that it will hit the market, as this reflects Samsung's accessories app. When will they pray? Samsung is likely to prepare for its launch in early August. It is almost certain that they will share an event with the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Watch 3.