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Find out how much battery each particular app consumes on your phone

Many applications installed on your Android device can be indispensable. But do you know exactly how much battery these apps consume? Don't worry, in the following lines we explain a very simple way to find out about it through Accubatery; It is an application that you must install on your mobile phone.

Android uses preset profiles supplied by your device manufacturer, such as CPU power usage, to calculate the approximate consumption of jobs or applications on your mobile phone. However, these numbers are often inaccurate.
Find download speed and battery consumption for each app with AccuBattery. This app uses information from your device’s battery charge controller to notify you of the specific battery consumption that each app requires.

To use this app, just follow these steps:

Install the application on your mobile device.
- You will be prompted for a basic configuration that allows you to activate charging alert, if desired.
- Allows AcuBattery to interact with your mobile phone by granting it permissions, and this will allow the app to access battery charge information and active functions on your device.
- Once this is done, you will be able to find the data of the applications you are currently using and how much battery they are consuming.

With Accubattery you can also find out which charger and the most efficient USB cable for your mobile phone. This is because the app enables you to measure the charging speed in units of mA from the moment you connect your device to electrical power.
You will know the time it takes to charge your device and the charging alarm will notify you when you are done. This helps to extend battery life. It is an interesting feature of this app, which is rewarded by user reviews on Google Play. Plus, it has very few ads to be free.

Link : AccuBattery