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Comparison of the Google Meet and Hangouts apps .. which is right for you?

When closings began to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus and many people switched to working remotely, Google firmly entered to attract these users and encourage them to use its Meet and Hangouts video applications in an explicit effort to compete with other popular applications, such as Zoom and Zoom. Microsoft Meet.

Although both applications are developed by Google itself, they have major differences in how they work and the features that each application provides, and since they are likely to be among the millions who use different Google services, you may wonder: Which of these applications is suitable for Video calls?

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the Google Meet and Hangouts apps to see which one is right for you:

Google Hangouts app:

Google Hangouts has long existed in Google services and allows you to make free video and voice calls, as well as group messaging and file sharing.

The app is primarily designed to target users looking for an app to chat with family and friends easily, the app allows inviting up to 150 people to a single conversation but no more than 10 people can join a video call at the same time.

To use this app you will need a Google account to start a Hangouts call, you can also join any chat you are invited to without requiring an account, but the prominent downside of the app is that it does not include a feature (tile display) that allows you to see all the people in the room in Same time when someone talks.

Google Meet app:

The Google Meet app is primarily for companies, and it came out publicly with the start of the spread of the Coronavirus, and at the same time is a direct competitor to other applications targeting companies, such as: Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Although you must subscribe to one of the payment plans to use it, Google has made the application available to everyone completely free of charge, with unlimited calls being offered until December 30 this year.

The app offers a number of default privacy protections - such as: host controls such as the ability to accept or reject meeting access, mute or remove participants - and encryption during data transfer.

The app also enables the participation of up to 100 people in a video call at the same time, and the application includes features such as: scheduling and screen sharing, and captions in real-time, and people can join your meeting using a web link through a laptop or a mobile app.

So what is the best app for you?

This depends on what you are looking for. Hangouts may be the easiest option for informal calls with friends or family, while Meet is the right choice for companies holding lengthy video meetings, with tight security options; To keep these meetings secret, now that it's free for anyone, it's worth a try.