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Comparing Edge and Chrome browsers..What browser is best for you?

Microsoft has made a huge leap forward to compete with Google in the Internet browsers market, as its Microsoft Edge browser has become a strong competitor to Google Chrome after including the browser update in the May 2020 update for Windows 10.

In addition, Microsoft is keen to add more features and improvements to the browser with every new update. Can Microsoft really compete with Google, and what are the advantages of each browser?

Here is a comparison between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome .. Which browser is right for you?

the performance:

The performance here means the speed of the browser when viewing the pages of the sites on the Internet or interacting with them, where the result was found to be somewhat similar, when performing speed tests using the browserbench.org tool there was a slight superiority of Google Chrome on Microsoft Edge browser, where they both got a degree 85 and 83.5, respectively.

Moving to the speed-battle tool that measures the performance of JavaScript, Microsoft Edge ranked first with a total score of 1,478.41 compared to 1,420.61 for Google Chrome.
Use of computer resources:

When running matching settings in both browsers, opening three matching tabs, and using the iState Menus tool to measure performance, the result was in favor of Microsoft Edge.

Where it was found that the Google Chrome browser consumed computer resources (RAM and CPU) by 5.4% of the CPU and 3.84 GB of RAM, while the Microsoft Edge browser consumed only 2.6 GB of RAM, and 2.6 % Of CPU.

Support plugins:

Users can now install add-ons from the Microsoft Store, and they can also install add-ons from the Google Chrome Store directly in Microsoft's browser as it depends on the Chromium engine.

The feature of installing add-ons directly from the Google Chrome Store - which contains thousands of add-ons in all areas - is a relief for many users of Microsoft Edge.

Security and Privacy:

Microsoft Edge Browser excels in this field, by offering three security and privacy options that can be customized to control the level of website tracking when browsing: basic, medium, and strict.

You can customize the same security level in the Google Chrome browser, but by using an add-on in the browser and not by default, and the access permissions in both browsers are similar to the ability to obtain details about the permissions each website has individually on your computer.
Supported operating systems:

Since Google Chrome is the oldest internet browser, it is not surprising that it provides support for various operating systems, which is a prominent advantage of the browser especially for users working on a variety of operating systems.

Google Chrome supports OS: iOS, iPad, Windows 7 and above, macOS 10.10 and later, Chrome OS, Android, and Linux.

While Microsoft Edge supports operating systems: iOS, iPad, Windows 7 and above, Windows Server, macOS 10.12 and later, and Android.
Which browser is right for you?

While both browsers can meet the same browsing requirements for a user, it is time for most users to move to Microsoft Edge, as it provides advantages over Google Chrome.

The most important of these features is the prominent difference in the consumption of computer resources, which will be the most prominent point of excellence for Microsoft, in addition to customizable security and privacy tools, support for add-ons, and ease of installation from Google Chrome Store.