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Apple officially sets WWDC 2020 developer conference

Apple announced mid-March that it plans to hold its 2020 WWDC Developer Conference over the Internet, due to concerns over the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19.

Today, the American company announced the date of the conference, which will take place during the period between 22 and 26 June, and has set the date for the opening session on Monday, June 22, at 8 pm Mecca time.

Apple did not disclose in a blog post published today by what would expose him during the opening session, but only said: "Discover new innovations and updates and exciting all platforms come to Apple later this year." But leaks and rumors had already revealed some new features that might come to iOS 14, as well as Apple's announcement of the transition to ARM-based processors on its desktop computers.

The opening session of the WWDC 2020 conference will be available through Apple.com, Apple Developer, Apple Developer, Apple TV, and YouTube.

Apple also announced a redesign of the Apple developer forums, which will be launched on June 18. According to the company, more than a thousand of its engineers will participate in the forums, where their participation can help repeat personal conversations between developers and Apple employees that usually occur at the WWDC conference. However, developers will need to be affiliated with the Apple developer program in order to post to the forums.

The company also plans more than 100 for the deployment of an engineering session starting 23 until June 26. The new videos will be posted directly at 8 pm Mecca time every day. Developers will also be able to request individual appointments with Apple engineers.