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5 of the most prominent problems with Microsoft Teams and how to fix them

The Microsoft Teams video calling app first appeared in 2017 as a unified platform for communication and collaboration, helping companies and organizations get things done, and Microsoft has created a unified user experience between: Teams, Office 365 and Skype for Business.

Here are 5 top issues for Microsoft Teams and how to fix them:

1- No microphone or webcam turned on:

If you are using a webcam or external microphone, you must first make sure that the connection cable is well connected to the computer, and then, make sure that the microphone and web camera are enabled during the meeting, where you will see switches for these options when joining a new call.

If you find that other applications can detect your webcam and microphone, but Microsoft Teams cannot do this, here you must review the application's permissions in your computer's settings.

2- Inability to create a new team:

If you are trying to create a new team in your company's Microsoft Teams account, but you can't do that, you should check with the company’s support department for more help, as the app provides companies and organizations the option to not allow individuals to create new groups or teams.

3- Unable to contact Microsoft Teams:

If you are having problems accessing Microsoft Teams, make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet by opening any website on the Internet, if the computer does not have any problem connecting to the Internet, but you cannot access the application, the service may be down You have, and then you should check Microsoft support page to see that you are facing service problems.

4- Notices appear on the computer:

If you no longer receive notifications from the Microsoft Teams application, you must ensure that the permission settings have not changed, by activating the correct settings in the application, in addition to allowing the application to send notifications in the web browser, by making sure to choose (allow) or (enable) When the pop-up message appears in the browser.

5- The application does not allow you to enter:

If you are having problems logging in to the Microsoft Teams app, you must make sure that you entered the correct login data, and if you are entering the correct data but you cannot log in, you must contact the support department of your company, giving him the error code that appeared is yours.