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3 apps that help you track your body temperature

COVID-19 is considered a major symptom of coronavirus (COVID-19) in addition to coughing and shortness of breath, and now with the return of commercial and economic activities in some countries, appropriate preventive precautions must continue to be applied to reduce the spread of the virus.

Some Arab countries have launched applications that help their citizens to adhere to the protection measures. For example: the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority “Sadia” launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Health my application of “spacing” and (our trust), and the authority urged all citizens and residents to use them because they have benefits in Create healthy environments within the workplace, and areas of public and commercial gatherings, where the application (spacing) provides alerts for users if contact with infected Coronavirus.

But if there is no government application in your country that you can rely on during this period, you can use one of the applications that helps you track body temperature.

Here are 3 apps that help you track your body temperature:

1- Body Temperature Recorder:

(Body Temperature Recorder) the application allows you to record the measured body temperature, and track it easily through graphs and records, just click on the (Add) option, and enter your body temperature.

In addition to recording the temperature, you can add your symptoms using the list of the most common symptoms, such as headache, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, and many more.

You can also add a comment in the (memo) section as an illustration of unlisted symptoms. Once you have entered the data, you will have an easy-to-read record of body temperatures with dates, times, and symptoms accompanying.

Additional features include a graph showing 30-day temperature changes, a place to add more people you want to track their temperatures, and an option to email the log, which is convenient to share with your doctor.

The app is freely available for Android phone users in Google Play, and for iPhone users in the App Store

2- Application (Temp. Statistics):

(Temp. Statistics) the application allows you to easily track the temperature of your body or a family member, as you can track the temperatures of several people separately with this application.

The app allows you to record the temperature over time, the location of the temperature measurement - such as the forehead or armpit, add symptoms you are experiencing such as sore throat or chills, include medications you are currently taking, as well as the ability to take notes.

The app includes a section called "Logs" to display your body temperature records by date and time, and on the main page of the app, you can see a chart of your body temperature change over time.

Other features include a section to add all the medications you take, the ability to set up more personal files to track temperatures for others, backup and restore options in iCloud and Dropbox, add unlimited temperature reminders, take medications, or do other things.

The app is freely available for iPhone and iPad users, and the Apple Smart Watch in the App Store, but it is not available for Android users.

3-Application (MedM Temperature):

The MedM Temperature app is an ideal choice to track the temperature for you and your family members manually or automatically if you are using a tracking device or a compatible smart temperature sensor for the app.

The application works completely without an internet connection, and without the need to log in, as it only takes a few seconds to add temperature measurement results (manually or automatically). You can then save temperature tracking records in the cloud if you prefer, or only keep your data on your smartphone or tablet.

The app is freely available for Android phone users in Google Play, and for iPhone users in the App Store.